S.O.S: State of Survival Kr v1.17.30 (Mod Apk)

S.O.S: State of Survival Kr

S.O.S: State of Survival Kr v1.17.30 (Mod Apk) ◈ The final war in Korea! ◈

You have to befriend or fight other survivors.
You have to do anything to survive.

It will not be easy as the infected are spread all over the place.
Resources are scarce, from the remnants of a past civilized society
You should have as many useful materials as possible.

The world is turned upside down. It is risky and full of new opportunities.
Those who go boldly can attain immense power.
On the other hand, you should always watch your back.
Because the world is not as friendly as it used to be…

Build your own stronghold and provide a safe sweet home for your survivors.
Lay the foundation of your own end-of-century empire.

Rescue survivors to increase the population of your base and increase your strength.
Discover those with special abilities and make them heroes in the battle against epidemics!

The zombie disease is undergoing rapid mutation.
You should find out as much as possible about this.
Whoever controls the infection controls the state!

The more allies, the better. Form alliances and cooperate strategically to survive in an infected world.
Join forces with others to destroy other forces that seek to exploit you.

Forget the old rules
The era of Humanity 2.0 has arrived. It is writing a new way for humankind to develop in the future.

[Official Community]
Naver Cafe: https://cafe.naver.com/stateofsurvival
Check out the latest events and information at the official cafe!

▶Smartphone application access right information◀
When using the application, we are requesting access to provide the following services.

[Optional access rights]
– Photo/Media Access: Used when setting up a profile in the game
– Camera: Used to set the profile in the game
※ You can use the service even if you do not agree to the optional access right.

[How to withdraw access right]
– After agreeing to the access right, you can reset or revoke the access right as follows.
– Android 6.0 or later: Settings > Application Management > S.O.S: State of Survival > Select permission > Accept or withdraw access right
– Under Android 6.0: Upgrade the operating system to revoke access or delete the app
※ If you are using a version of Android lower than 6.0, it is recommended to update to version 6.0 or higher because you cannot individually set optional access rights.S.O.S: 스테이트 오브 서바이벌
S.O.S: 스테이트 오브 서바이벌
S.O.S: 스테이트 오브 서바이벌
S.O.S: 스테이트 오브 서바이벌
S.O.S: 스테이트 오브 서바이벌
S.O.S: 스테이트 오브 서바이벌

MOD Features:

  1. damage multiplier
  2. one hit kill
  3. god mode


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